Week 3 #KidlitSummerSchool Schedule, Updates, Cool News and a GIVEAWAY

KLSS 2015 BadgeHello, Summer Schoolers! Week 2 has drawn to a close, and we are about to embark upon Week 3 of Kidlit Summer School 2015. Hope you are plotting away like mad, inspired Nerdy Chicks!

Just like the first two weeks, we want to give you a preview of what is to come in Week 3, and reminders for our other great Summer School Events like out #30mdares and upcoming Webinars, etc. Let’s get started!

Pop Quiz: Don’t forget we will post a Pop Quiz on the blog at the end of the day. (Just for fun!)

The Facebook Group

A quick reminder: some of you are still trying to get into the Facebook group (and why wouldn’t you? We’re having so much fun there!). If you have registered for Kidlit Summer School, have asked to be added to the FB group, and did not get added within a day, it may be because your FB name did not match up with your registration name. If this is the case, one of us will have sent you a message via FB. Sometimes these messages end up in the OTHER folder. Please check this folder to see if you have heard from one of us and answer any messages there. This will help us sort things out.

Class Schedule for Week 3:

Great posts heading your way. Check out this awesome guest blogger line-up!SS15week3


We have a couple more great webinars lined up, so look for details on the blog and in your emails! For more information about the Webinars, please refer to the FAQ page in the navigation bar above.


If you are having email issues, please visit the FAQ page before contacting us with a question. We have found that almost all glitches thus far are user or server error. If you have tried everything else and still cannot get your email to work, contact a member of the Kidlit Summer School Board. We are working hard on this and other aspects of Summer School, so please know that it may be up to five business days before you hear back from us. Look for your next email tonight or tomorrow morning.

organic_nerdy_chicks_tshirtCool News – cool stuff
The Nerdy Chicks Rule Café Press store is now open. Be a chic chick or one cool dude. Check out the awesome Nerdy Chicks gear here…

Nerdy Chicks Rule Cafe Press

Drawing Contest and GIVEAWAY!

Nerdy Chick

Art by Mike Ciccotello

The darling Nerdy Chicks are pouring in. Thanks to those who posted so far. Reminder to keep those NerdyChickDraws doodles coming right up until the end of Kidlit Summer School! Thanks again to Mike Ciccotello who drew a Nerdy Chick on a coffee cup and tweeted to Kami and Sudipta, for inspiring our contest. The winners will be picked by an industry professional and be added to our cafe press store! Also, they will receive a prize pack with their own design on it. The rules:

1. Draw a Nerdy Chick.

2. Tweet the image to @leezaworks with the hashtag #NerdyChicksDraw AND/OR share on our Facebook Group page with the same hashtag.

3. Do this before the final day of Kidlit Summer School!

How easy is that? We look forward to seeing the chicks all over social media! (Psssst – Mike, you’re already one of the winners!)

crocheted chickGIVEAWAY
Juli Caveny  is giving away this darling crocheted nerdy chick. If you are a registered Summer School student and would like a chance to win this nerdy chick, please leave a comment on this post to be entered into the drawing. Good luck!



Late Registration closes at the end of the day today, Sunday August 2nd – Tell your friends that there’s still time before the final bell rings!

Even though pre-registration and regular registration have both closed, you can still take part in Kidlit Summer School. Late registration is still open, so you can still sign up and get access to our password-protected writing exercises, to our Summer School webinars and recordings, and to the Facebook group, and you are still eligible to win any of the comment-related book giveaways on the daily blog posts. So you can still fully participate! You will not be eligible for prizes specified for Pre-Registration and Regular Registration.If you still need to register, please click HERE. Late Registration ends on Sunday, August 2. *Note that you passwords are sent out periodically, not the moment of registration, so you may need to wait until the next bulk email to receive one. Don’t worry, the exercises and all will still be there. 🙂

#30mdare – 

There is great information about the #30mdare writing challenge on our FAQ page.  Please click HERE to find out more about them… and join us.
Thank you for joining us for the second week of Summer School.  Thanks to our awesome bloggers, it was a fantastic week!
The Kidlit Summer School Board of Education