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Now that Week 3 is over, it’s time to review what you learned and take a Pop Quiz. We know you’re all going to ace it and make your teachers proud! So go ahead, take this quiz to see what you learned during the third week of Kidlit Summer School.



1. On Monday, Crystal Allen encouraged you to look for humor in…

a) An incident from your childhood, or someone else’s; (Don’t mention real names, or you’ll become poop to them!)

b) Joke or riddle books

c) “What if” ideas

d) All of the above


2. On Tuesday, Marcie Colleen said that showing versus telling allows your readers (or listeners) to experience the story because…

a) Showing paints a picture.

b) Showing draws the reader in.

c) Showing uses description, action, and dialogue to portray how a character is thinking and feeling and therefore, builds emotion…or heart.

d) All of the above


3. On Wednesday, Josh Funk shared the following…

a) When limiting your picture book manuscripts to 0 to 300 (to maybe 500) words, it’s important to ensure that what’s being shown changes pretty frequently.

b) Once you’ve given your illustrator enough variety of scenery – it’s time to let them run wild.

c) Put the illustrator in the position to add as much humor as possible.

d) All of the above


4. On Thursday, Wendy Mass reminded us that we write for kids to:

a) Teach them what we wished we’d known and to entertain young readers, to make them laugh so that they’ll learn to laugh at themselves.

b) Make them cry to teach them empathy.

c) Show them adversity so they can learn to be strong and to pluck them from their lives and place them somewhere else, in the hopes that when they close the covers of the book they will come back to themselves stronger, with their minds open to new possibilities.

d) All of the above


5. On Friday, Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr offered the following suggestion(s) for writing humor…

a) The key to all humor is surprise—a turn of phrase or twist of events that feels unexpected, and sometimes delightfully so.

b) Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be hilarious at the outset. Toil all day, then play all night.

c) Humor Loves Company.

d) All of the above

Hip, hip hooray, you got an A right? 100%? If you’re unsure, go back and check out the posts from Week Three. This is an open blog test. (And you don’t even have to turn it in. Grade yourself and then pat yourself on the back!)

Okay, now you get a chance to kick back, and enjoy your weekend…or if you didn’t get a chance to go through all the KLSS posts yet, no worries, you can go back anytime and catch up!

See you in Week Four!

57 comments on “Week 3 POP QUIZ

  1. bucklessclass says:

    Thanks for another amazing and inspirational week!! 😎


  2. Amy Benoit says:

    Week Four!!!! 🙂 I LOVE KLSS!


  3. Wonderful week! Looking forward to week 4!


  4. Angie says:

    What an awesome week! Thanks!


  5. I did it! 100%! Thank you for helping me to grow and learn as a writer.
    ~Suzy Leopold


  6. Kristen C.S. says:

    Got behind on my homework, but worth doing the make-up work to catch myself up! =)


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