Week 2 Pop Quiz

badge final 4x4-brighter heartNow that we’re through Week 2, let’s review what you learned and take a Pop Quiz. We know you’re gonna ace it! So go on, take this quiz to see if you learned even more cool tips to add to your tool box during the second week of Kidlit Summer School! 


  1. In Monday’s post, Suzanne Selfors shared that:

a) A pet gives you, the writer, a great device for unlocking your hero’s deeper feelings.

b) A pet will elicit protective emotions in your child reader.

c) The relationship between child and pet will definitely enrich your hero’s character arc.

d) All of the above

  1. In Tuesday’s post, Leeza Hernandez suggested that:

a) Cleverly-written dedications, disclaimers, or special notes to the reader can set up the tone of your book.

b)  If you’re trying too hard. Take a break. Deconstruct your work then build it back up.

c) You can have a lot of one (heart or humor) but need a little of its counterpart to create harmony.

d) All of the above

  1. On Wednesday, Jo Whittemore recommended to:

a) Let life happen. It will, whether you want it to or not.

b) Be aware. What makes a story realistic are the details that come from living in the moment.

c) Find the humor in life and pass it on. So that future generations will know to eat less beans.

d) All of the above

  1. In her post on Thursday, Laurie Hallmark mentioned that:

a) You can add humor to any novel by giving your characters unexpected traits.

b) You can apply this technique to any character, not just your main one.

c) The more outrageous the character trait, the funnier.

d) All of the above

  1. On Friday, Matthew Cordell shared ways to: 

a) Write picture books not just for kids, but also for the adults who love and read them too.

b) Vary the way humor is used in your book, so both kids and grown-ups can be satisfied.

c) Always be funny. Even if just a little bit.

d) All of the above

Well? How did you make out? Top marks? Of course you did! If you’re unsure, go back and check out the posts from Week Two. This is an open blog test! (And you don’t even have to turn it in. Grade yourself and then pat yourself on the back!)

Okay, now you get a chance to kick back, and enjoy your weekend…or if you didn’t get a chance to go through all the KLSS posts yet, no worries, you can go back anytime and catch up! The new format to keep Saturdays free for you to take a breather is sizing up to be a big hit with KLSS students so go … go and do just that.

See you in Week Three!

75 comments on “Week 2 Pop Quiz

  1. These quizzes are such a great way to check that my memory retained all that was shared. Thank you.


  2. Alice Fulgione says:

    I love the Pop Quiz review!


  3. ptnozell says:

    Another D-lightful pop quiz! Thank you Nerdy Chicks!


  4. Another great week of posts and a fun open blog quiz! Thank you!


  5. kathyhierholzer says:

    Thanks for all the exercises. They are so helpful.


  6. Another A – two weeks in a row! I love a good quiz.


  7. I got top marks. I was going to pat myself on the back, but I decided a cookie would be a much better reward, so I’m going to go have one of those instead.


  8. writersideup says:

    Every week is amazing! Every POST is amazing! ALL THE FACULTY are amazing! Thank you 😀 😀 😀


  9. Caroline says:

    Another great week of posts. Thanks to everyone involved!


  10. Hip, hip, hooray! Week Two Pop Quiz=Success.
    ~Suzy Leopold


  11. Natalie Lynn Tanner says:

    YEA, for week 2!!!!


  12. Shirley Johnson says:

    Enjoyed all the posts!


  13. Judy Sobanski says:

    Great review of the week!


  14. janebuttery says:

    I agree with so much I read this past week! You have surpassed yourselves, revealing the importance of heart and humour.Thanks for these motivators too. I loved it.


  15. Kristen Browning says:

    Another great week. So much helpful advice! I’m looking forward to next week’s posts.


  16. bucklessclass says:

    Another great week! Thank you so much!!


  17. Maria Marshall says:

    Super review, thanks.


  18. Doris Stone says:

    Weeks one and two were fantastic. I can’t wait for week three to begin.


  19. Anita says:

    Great week


  20. Karen Leiby Belli says:

    Thanks for all this info. So lucky to have you and this site!


  21. Marge Gower says:

    Pop Quiz reviews are great!!!!


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