Week 1 Pop Quiz!

badge final 4x4-brighter heartNow that Week 1 is over, it is time to review what you learned and take a Pop Quiz. We know you’re all going to make scores that will make your teachers proud! So go ahead, take this quiz to see if you learned the basics during the first week of Kidlit Summer School! 


  1. In Monday’s post, Julie Falatko  advises:

a) Trust your gut. If your story feels flat, even just a little, do what you can to make it more exciting.

b) Smash disparate elements together to make your story stand out.

c) Sometimes the best way to add humor is with an exploding sandwich of surprising and unexpected story elements.

d) All of the above


  1. In Tuesday’s post, Kami Kinard, suggests you:

a) Use the Rule of Three to set up your humor

b) Add a twist on the third beat

c) Try re-writing Goldilocks and the Three Bears

d) All of the above


  1. On Wednesday, Tom Angleberger explains that:

a) We should start with a funny idea and keep piling it on.

b)Writing funny books takes a lot of writing, drawing, revising, editing.

c) You have to be willing to let some ideas sail off into the sunset.

d) All of the above


  1. In her post on Thursday, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen suggested:

a) Be unexpected, logical, and reserved, and focus on the things that make you smile.

b) Laughter makes everything better.

c) Emotion can stand on its own, and it’s much better by itself than propped up by a faulty foundation. Be real.

d) All of the above


  1. On Friday, Megan Shepherd shared that: 

a) Readers may initially be drawn to a book because of the premise, but it’s relatable characters that will ultimately capture their hearts

b) There are several strategies for crafting characters that readers instantly care about, such as putting them in danger, making them likeable, or giving them a special talent.

c) While character building worksheets that list a character’s physical, social, and family traits can be helpful, they should be supplemented by putting characters in situations that can demonstrate these traits

d) All of the above


So how’d you do? 100% right? If you’re unsure, go back and check out the posts from Week One! This is an open blog test! (And you don’t even have to turn it in. Grade yourself and then pat yourself on the back!)

Now that you’ve completed your test, you can kick back and enjoy your weekend… or use the time to catch up on the KLSS posts! One of the suggestions we’ve had in the past is that folks have a hard time keeping up, so we’re trying to keep Saturday’s virtually free for you all to take a breather and do just that!

Tomorrow is the last day to register for Kidlit Summer School 2016! Click HERE to register.

94 comments on “Week 1 Pop Quiz!

  1. rimna says:

    Great week 1!


  2. Kristen C.S. says:

    Aced it! And even better, I learned it. Thanks for all you do. =)


  3. Laura Rackham says:

    Ahhh..if only all tests could be so painless…


  4. Diane Nizlek says:

    A quiz minus the stress! Great summary of the posts. And I’m grateful for the Saturday catch-up day- need to work on those exercises!


  5. Thanks. Keep it comin’!


  6. ptnozell says:

    Feeling D-lighted after this stimulating week of summer school. Thank you!


  7. carolofparis says:

    How did one week go by already?! Thanks for all the awesome information.


  8. Wendy says:

    I want to have you all on speed dial. 🙂


  9. Fun fun fun! Cheers to a great week!


  10. cburillokirch says:

    All the posts this week were D-lightful. Thanks for all the wonderful information! 🙂


  11. Mindy says:

    Am I missing something? I can’t see the answers. I think I did well?!!


  12. Patti says:

    I love the posts, but I am frustrated because I can not access the exercise book. I am using the password given on day one. Has it been changed? Do I need to submit a user name? I know you are swamped, but thanks for the help.


    • Natalie Lynn Tanner says:

      I haven’t been able to even find the password to use, even though I have searched and searched through my emails. I;d LOVE to be able to access the worksheets! PLEASE HELP US!!! THANK YOU!!


    • Patti says:

      I am answering my own question for anyone else having trouble getting into Exercise Book. I could not enter from my e-mail post. I had to click comment and then click Exercise Book from that site. Hope that helps someone.


  13. Aced it! *pulls neck patting self on back, spends day reading picture books*


  14. Natalie Lynn Tanner says:

    This has been an AMAZING first week of school! THANK YOU, ladies, for all the work you put in to making this such a HUGE SUCCESS!!! Looking forward to week two!!!


  15. DebbieLubbert says:

    Thanks for the quiz and for keeping Saturdays free for people to catch up.


  16. This has been a CRAZY busy week for me because I started a new job on Monday….. but I love that I can now catch up on everything today! The blog posts and printable exercises are amazing – THANK YOU!!!


  17. My husband is a prof–I’ll have to suggest he make all of his pop quizzes like this one. 😉 Thanks for a great first week.


  18. Shirley Johnson says:

    The quiz was a great idea. I enjoyed all the posts. Looking forward to the next week.


  19. Lori Dubbin says:

    Kidlit Summer School is “all of the above” and beyond!


  20. bucklessclass says:

    Great way to review the week! Thank you!!


  21. Andi Buckless says:

    Great way to review! Thank you!! 🙂


  22. megcason1 says:

    Wahoo week one!!


  23. Maria Marshall says:

    Aced it. Nice refresher. Thanks all.


  24. Deborah Allmand says:

    It was a great first week. Looking forward to great things this week also.


  25. So glad I’m taking summer school!


  26. Angie says:

    I’m giving myself an A! LOL. Thanks!


  27. Doris Stone says:

    As always, Kidlit Summer School is great! Thanks you, Julie, Kami, Tom, Sudipta,and Megan for great ideas and inspiration.


  28. khundscheid says:

    Looking forward to week two. 🙂


  29. Yay! 100%! Thanks for a great week!


  30. paulinetso says:

    I love these summaries! Especially after Summer School is finished for the year, it’s great to look back over these to really plant the concepts firmly in the brain.


  31. writersideup says:

    You’re all SUCH excellent teachers, we can’t help but be good students, so 100% “YES!” to all of the above 😀 Bring on Week # 2! 😀


  32. I did it! 100%!
    ~Suzy Leopold


  33. hmmmmm says:

    Great first week guys — thanks!


  34. susanzonca says:

    Great 1st week. Ready for the next.


  35. Susanne says:

    100%! Loving Summer School so much. Perfect timing too…I don’t like to think about the new year ’til after July 4.


  36. 01chicchick says:

    100%! Summer School has never been so much fun and easy!


  37. Midge Ballou Smith says:

    Aced it! Thank you for all that you do–


  38. Val McCammon says:

    Thanks for a great first week!


  39. Patti says:

    Is there any way to print out this great summary? Can you put it in the Exercise Book for us?


  40. JEN says:

    Got so excited about the end of week 1 I forgot to comment! 🙂


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