Alright, are you ready to show off all that you have learned in our FINAL Pop Quiz? We know you’re all going to nail it and will surely show off your plotting prowess! Take this quiz to see what you learned during week three of Kidlit Summer School.

On Monday, Megan Miranda taught us to thrill our readers by…

  1. Asking ourselves “What’s the worst that can happen?”
  2. Adding even more tension.
  3. Finding moments to surprise.
  4. All of the above.

On Tuesday, Lori Degman asked questions regarding plot in rhyming stories…

  1. Does the story have a strong beginning that introduces the setting, characters or problem in a way that makes the reader want to keep reading?
  2. Does every line add to the story and move it forward?  
  3. Does the pacing (the length and rhythm of each line) match the mood of the story?
  4. All of the above.

On Wednesday, Julie Sternberg suggested using conversation-based techniques such as:

  1. Eavesdrop on your main character as (s)he tells his/her best friend what’s happened.
  2. Brainstorm your plot ideas with your writer friends, and keep brainstorming as you continue to write.
  3. Whenever a particular moment, or the plot as a whole, isn’t working, open a new document and have a conversation with yourself about why that might be.
  4. All of the above.

On Thursday, Christine Fletcher gave us tips for writing effective conflict

  1. Bring your protagonist face-to-face with the need to grow and change.
  2. Conflict has to directly impact the protagonist’s goals, fears, and/or flaws.
  3. The reader needs to know why the conflict and its outcome matter so much to the protagonist—because then, and only then, will the reader care too.
  4. All of the above.

On Friday, John Cusick showed us how to escape the murky middle of our stories by…

  1. Dropping your hero and a few pals into a new setting.
  2. Exploring what your characters are doing a week, a month, or a year from now.
  3. Writing a scene in which all of your characters attend the same party.
  4. All of the above.

On Saturday, Joyce Wan helped us learn to twist our endings through…

  1. An ending that echoes something that happened in the beginning of the story
  2. Role reversal in which a character is revealed to be someone else in the end.
  3. Challenging the perception of the reader.
  4. All of the above

How did you do? A++ right? 6 out of 6? If you’re not sure or think you missed something, that’s easy, simply go back and check out the posts from Week Four. This is an open blog test. You don’t even have to turn it in. Grade yourself and then pat yourself on the back!

25 comments on “POP QUIZ WEEK 4

  1. Maria Marshall says:

    Gold star – 100%. Thank you for an excellent way to round out a wonderful summer session. What a valuable accumulation of resources for future reference. Thanks again to the Board & the Teachers. 🙂


  2. Another great week of KidLit Summer School! A+ for me!


  3. I’ll miss the pop quiz with its summary of “gold” information to move our stories forward. Thank you Kidlit SummerSchool for this amazing opportunity to learn!


  4. Bobi says:

    I don’t remember summer school being quite this fun before!


  5. Anita says:

    I have enjoyed summer school sooooo much, thanks nerdy chicks!


  6. Debra Daugherty says:

    Aced the test. This has been the best summer school ever! Thanks. Peep! Peep!


  7. Joanne Sher says:

    A+, of course- for the teachers, too! Fabulous stuff.


  8. Amy Benoit says:

    Good teaching = good grades!


  9. DebbieL says:

    Thanks for summer school this year! I’m sure we have all learned alot.


  10. Cindy Fullmer says:

    Another great week! Thank you to all our teachers!


  11. Lynne Marie says:

    I really can’t thank all of you enough for such a wonderful education 🙂 XOXO


  12. maddmombetty says:

    This has been awesome, to use a much overused word! Thanks, NerdyChicks and all the participating authors!


  13. topangamaria says:

    LOVE these ‘open blog’ test/reviews.


  14. martymi6 says:

    My first year of summer school; what a great experience. Thanks to all of you for putting it on, and giving us so much helpful info.


  15. Zainab Khan says:

    A+ for me! Thanks so much for summer school. I loved every minute of it. 🙂


  16. Keila Dawson says:

    Will. Miss. Summer School! Thanks to all of the faculty.


  17. l8k8 says:

    Thanks for the great posts. Great week.


  18. Monique says:

    I’ve greatly enjoyed summer school and learned so much! Thank you to all the bloggers and the educators who put this together.


  19. Passed with flying colors! 🙂


  20. Another spectacular week. Christine Fletcher’s really resonated with me. Thanks.


  21. Sheri Rad says:

    Good week, lots of ideas and great graphic organizers. Wow.


  22. Thanks again for more fantastic info and inspiration.


  23. katmaz2012 says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to be inspired.


  24. JEN Garrett says:

    So sad to see it end. It’s been awesome!


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