Final #KidlitSummerSchool Updates, Webinars, and THANK YOUS!

KLSS 2015 BadgeHello, Summer Schoolers! Week 4 has sadly ended, but we still have a few treats left for you.  Think of it as Afterschool for all of you overachievers.

We want to bring your attention to what is to come in the week ahead, including TWO great Summer School webinars! Here we go!

Pop Quiz: Don’t forget we will post a Pop Quiz on the blog at the end of the day. (Just for fun!)

#KidlitSummerSchool Afterschool Webinars:

This coming Tuesday, August 18th, at 8pm EST we will be hosting our very special Author Roundtable webinar with with Authors John Claude Bemis (MG), Lori Degman (PB) and Yvonne Ventresca (YA) who will share their expertise on children’s books and their own personal writing journeys. Keep an eye on your email for details on registering for this webinar and how to submit your questions for the panel.

And then on Thursday, August 20th, at 8pm EST join us for our Ask the Pros webinar with Scholastic Editor Orli Zuravicky and Art Director Patti Ann Harris. This webinar has a registration fee.

Both webinars are going to be a clucking good time, filled with lots of Nerdy Chick knowledge. You will not want to miss out.

Registration closes for the Author Roundtable at 11pm EST TONIGHT!

Registration for Ask the Pros closes on Wednesday, August 19th at 11pm EST. 

Check your inbox for registration information.

For more information about the Webinars, please refer to the FAQ page in the navigation bar above.

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Our Nerdy Chick Drawing Contest “Drawn” to a Close

Nerdy Chick

Art by Mike Ciccotello

Our Nerdy Chicks Drawing Contest has ended, yet stay tuned for a Gallery of all of your amazing creations soon on the website!

Thanks once more to Mike Ciccotello who drew a Nerdy Chick on a coffee cup and tweeted to Kami and Sudipta, for inspiring our contest. The winners will be picked by an industry professional and be added to our cafe press store! Also, they will receive a prize pack with their own design on it.

Thank you for all of your entries! You are certainly some amazingly talented Chicks!

Perfeblue-star-thumbct Attendance Award: Did you leave a comment on every author post within the first twenty four hours that it was posted? If you did, you are eligible for the perfect attendance award! If you qualify, just leave a comment right here on THIS blog post. Start your comment with the words “Perfect Attendance” (So we can easily pick you out from others commenting about Summer School.) One name will be drawn from all of the contenders to win the Perfect Attendance Prize. 

What about the other prizes? The #30mdare prize? The individual post prizes? The pre-registration prize? The grand prizes? All of the other great stuff? We will have details about all of the other prizes and how they will be awarded in a separate post on the blog this week. That’s something to look forward to! 

smiling-gold-star-thumbLastly, a sincere thank you to each of you for joining us these past four weeks.  #KidLitSummerSchool is for YOU and we hope that you have enjoyed yourself, met a few friends, and learned a craft-tip or two. We’re proud of you! You get a gold star!
Thanks also to our awesome faculty of bloggers and all of our webinar participants.  It really was a fantastic summer, right?!
Now go forth, you plotting geniuses.
The Kidlit Summer School Board of Education

85 comments on “Final #KidlitSummerSchool Updates, Webinars, and THANK YOUS!

  1. Trine says:

    I did not comment on every post, but I did have perfect attendance, and I downloaded every worksheet. I have begun using several of them and majorly revising my novel!
    Thanks so much everybody ~


  2. Cindy Fullmer says:

    Perfect attendance! And so totally worth it. I learned a lot this summer and I’m so grateful for the chance to improve my craft. Thank you for all you do!


  3. Mary McClellan says:

    PERFECT ATTENDANCE…and no detentions. Great summer school! Thanks for all the work, care and attention you put into this.


  4. topangamaria says:

    PERFECT attendance because it was so AWESOME.


  5. maddmombetty says:

    Thanks, everyone! Will we still have access to the homework, for those of us (me) whose computers crashed and still need to print it out?


  6. Katie says:

    Perfect attendance. Thanks so much for the great posts.


  7. bucklessclass says:

    Perfect attendance! I missed one Saturday camping but then made it up Sunday night or Monday morning. I hope it was within 24 hours – I can’t remember!!

    Thank you for this wonderful, inspiring opportunity!!

    🙂 Andi


  8. Keila Dawson says:

    Perfect Attendance: Summer School rocked. Thanks so much for hosting it again this year!


  9. Perfect Attendance ’cause that’s how this nerdy chick rolls! Thank YOU to all the authors and nerdy chicks who made this SO much fun (and taught me so much)!


  10. not perfect – missed a couple by a few hours – but truly enjoyed each and every one of the blog posts. If and when the webinar recordings get links, I’ll check them out, too. Thank you!


  11. Barbara Senenman says:

    Not sure Perfect Attendance – I tried. Thank you to all for the wonderful advice and the time you took to impart it. I’m using it now for a WIP. I have another story idea I didn’t know how to proceed and now I do.


  12. Angela Turner says:

    Though I missed some days Sunner as cool has been fantastic. The posts were great. The webinars exceptional. Thanks Sudipta and Kami and the other faculty. Great job!


  13. hmmmmm says:

    Perfect attendance (I’m pretty sure).


  14. Thought I had perfect attendance, but when I was looking for replies on the 13th, I couldn’t seem to find the original comment. Too bad, since Christine’s post was one of my favorites. Stupid tech always fouls things up. It’s a good thing I do summer school for the info instead of the prizes. Thanks for another great year. What’s next, I wonder.


    • kamikinard says:

      Hi Joanne, Sometimes there are glitches with WordPress. Sometimes a reply goes into Spam. We try to catch all of those and pull them out. If you had a comment you wanted a reply on, please post it again. Since the comment above came through without a hitch, I imagine your next one will too.


  15. Laura rackham says:

    Perfect attendance…thanks for an amazing summer!


  16. Perfect Attendance…and proud of it! I really am a nerd, lol. Thank you all so much for this fantastic experience. You are one of the most giving groups I’ve ever encountered, and you make me proud to be a nerd. Thanks for all the wonderful exercise sheets. I’ve started using a couple already and am so excited to see how the rest help me tune up my manuscripts. Wish we could send you all some digital flowers. Enjoy the rest of your summer! 😀


  17. Andrea says:

    So sorry this is ending! It was so much fun and so motivating. Not sure if I had perfect attendance or not, but all the posts were a reward enough. Thanks for all your hard work to put this together!!!


  18. dctutormentor says:

    I cannot begin to imagine the work and time, creativity and dedication it takes to offer/teach/run KidLit Summer School. I have received so much guidance and information, made new friends and contacts, and never felt more INSPIRED! Thank you so v-e-r-y much. xo


  19. Susan Schade says:

    I am so grateful for your inspiring summer school. I have commented on every post but wasn’t aware of the 24 hour deadline. Some days I had to catch up so I not sure that I qualified for Perfect Attendance, like several others have mentioned. Thank you to everyone that made this possible. Loved every minute of it!


  20. Yunita Phillips says:

    I am so grateful for the Nerdy chicks inspiring summer school. I tried to comment every post but wasn’t aware of the 24 hours deadline. I am afraid I am not qualified for the Perfect Attendance. But thank you SO much for all the creative, inspiring, exercise and other great stuff during the school. Thank you very much.


  21. Sarah Rosenthal says:

    Thank you, this has been a very rewarding experience. I completed many of the exercises and read almost all the blogs. They have been inspiring and useful. I have raved about this experience with both my writing groups. Thanks again


  22. JEN Garrett says:

    Nope, not perfect attendance, because I didn’t do Sundays. But I can’t wait for the other contests!


  23. Thank you so much! I enjoyed the experience!!!


  24. No perfect attendance for me. Conferences and vacation intervened. Enjoyed what I did have a chance to read and comment on, though. Thanks!


  25. Josephine says:

    Thank YOU! This has been a great summer session with all kinds of terrific tips to whip my plot into shape. Thank you for all the hard work. You guys ROCK!


  26. ptnozell says:

    Thank you, Nerdy Chicks! Kidlit Summer School has been a highlight of summer for this chick!


  27. Val McCammon says:

    Perfect Attendance. This was an excellent series of blogs about Plotting, from an amazing lineup of people. Thank you thank you for all the knowledge gained — you all rock!


  28. Debbie Vilardi says:

    I just finished the final summer school lesson. I apologize to all of the wonderful teachers for being so late to class this summer. Thank you to the teachers and the school board for all of the hard work. I’m already wondering what next summer’s topic will be. (I’m hoping for a much calmer summer next year.) Thank you again.


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