Final #KidlitSummerSchool Updates, Webinars, and THANK YOUS!

KLSS 2015 BadgeHello, Summer Schoolers! Week 4 has sadly ended, but we still have a few treats left for you.  Think of it as Afterschool for all of you overachievers.

We want to bring your attention to what is to come in the week ahead, including TWO great Summer School webinars! Here we go!

Pop Quiz: Don’t forget we will post a Pop Quiz on the blog at the end of the day. (Just for fun!)

#KidlitSummerSchool Afterschool Webinars:

This coming Tuesday, August 18th, at 8pm EST we will be hosting our very special Author Roundtable webinar with with Authors John Claude Bemis (MG), Lori Degman (PB) and Yvonne Ventresca (YA) who will share their expertise on children’s books and their own personal writing journeys. Keep an eye on your email for details on registering for this webinar and how to submit your questions for the panel.

And then on Thursday, August 20th, at 8pm EST join us for our Ask the Pros webinar with Scholastic Editor Orli Zuravicky and Art Director Patti Ann Harris. This webinar has a registration fee.

Both webinars are going to be a clucking good time, filled with lots of Nerdy Chick knowledge. You will not want to miss out.

Registration closes for the Author Roundtable at 11pm EST TONIGHT!

Registration for Ask the Pros closes on Wednesday, August 19th at 11pm EST. 

Check your inbox for registration information.

For more information about the Webinars, please refer to the FAQ page in the navigation bar above.

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Our Nerdy Chick Drawing Contest “Drawn” to a Close

Nerdy Chick

Art by Mike Ciccotello

Our Nerdy Chicks Drawing Contest has ended, yet stay tuned for a Gallery of all of your amazing creations soon on the website!

Thanks once more to Mike Ciccotello who drew a Nerdy Chick on a coffee cup and tweeted to Kami and Sudipta, for inspiring our contest. The winners will be picked by an industry professional and be added to our cafe press store! Also, they will receive a prize pack with their own design on it.

Thank you for all of your entries! You are certainly some amazingly talented Chicks!

Perfeblue-star-thumbct Attendance Award: Did you leave a comment on every author post within the first twenty four hours that it was posted? If you did, you are eligible for the perfect attendance award! If you qualify, just leave a comment right here on THIS blog post. Start your comment with the words “Perfect Attendance” (So we can easily pick you out from others commenting about Summer School.) One name will be drawn from all of the contenders to win the Perfect Attendance Prize. 

What about the other prizes? The #30mdare prize? The individual post prizes? The pre-registration prize? The grand prizes? All of the other great stuff? We will have details about all of the other prizes and how they will be awarded in a separate post on the blog this week. That’s something to look forward to! 

smiling-gold-star-thumbLastly, a sincere thank you to each of you for joining us these past four weeks.  #KidLitSummerSchool is for YOU and we hope that you have enjoyed yourself, met a few friends, and learned a craft-tip or two. We’re proud of you! You get a gold star!
Thanks also to our awesome faculty of bloggers and all of our webinar participants.  It really was a fantastic summer, right?!
Now go forth, you plotting geniuses.
The Kidlit Summer School Board of Education

85 comments on “Final #KidlitSummerSchool Updates, Webinars, and THANK YOUS!

  1. Perfect Attendance… at least I’m pretty sure.


  2. marlainagray says:

    Thanks for a great session, Nerdy Chicks!


  3. Deborah Allmand says:

    I believe I also had perfect attendance.


  4. Anita says:

    Perfect Attendance, so sad summer school is over. 😦


  5. sharon giltrow says:

    Perfect attendance 99% sure sometimes the time difference had me a little confused but definitely commented on each post as soon as I got them. Thanks for a great summer school :-).


  6. Perfect attendance and here I thought we had another week! Time to go back, review all the great tidbits, and file it in my “current advice” folder. Thanks everyone, I’ll miss getting a daily lesson!


  7. Perfect attendance . . . I think. I know I posted everyday, but I”m not 100% positive about the within the 24 hours. About 99.5% sure, anyway. This has been fun — thanks!


  8. Deb Cuneo says:

    Perfect Attendance…I just want to thank all of you for an amazing and informative summer school . I thought last year was great but you all outdid yourselves this year! Sad to see it end but looking forward to next year!?!


  9. Caroline says:

    Perfect Attendance – I’m like Heather said above: I know I posted on every single post, but I don’t know if it was within the first 24 hours or not. I may have one comment that was just after 24 hours. (What time did the posts go live?)

    This is has been absolutely amazing. The posts have all been varied, useful, and inspiring. And THANK YOU for the awesome Exercise Book sheets! They’re so helpful to work out alongside the posts. Looking forward to the last two webinars still! Thank you all for your hard work!


  10. Perfect attendance. You all did a Great summer school again. Thanks so much for giving your time.


  11. Annie Cronin Romano says:

    Perfect Attendance –Thank you for another terrific Kidlit Summer School! Learned so much helpful info to use in working on my plots…both PB and MG. Thanks to all the organizers and all those who shared their wonderful knowledge! 🙂


  12. Dee Knabb says:

    The whole experience was better than I hoped for. While I don’t qualify for perfect attendance or 30 minute sprints, I still feel like a winner from what I’ve learned. A big thank you for all your hard work.


  13. Perfect attendance – Like the others, I’m pretty sure. I wasn’t aware of the the 24 hour rule, so I was also not aware how quickly I commented. But I commented on each post. Thanks to all who contributed to this year’s summer school, and thanks to Sudipta and Kami!


  14. Lynne Marie says:

    PERFECT ATTENDANCE. — I never got this in school, as I was always sick or went on vacation, so this is FIRST TIME EVER! Dared myself and devoured each and every delicious post.Thank you so very much for all you do, Kid Lit Summer School and All-Star Staff ❤


  15. katmaz2012 says:

    Perfect Attendance! Thank you so much for putting this together. The inspiration will last for a long time.


  16. darshanakhiani says:

    Perfect Attendance- I commented within 24hrs on all day except one when I was traveling, that day was within 48hrs. Loved everything about summer school! A big thank you to the faculty and guest teachers. Counting the days to the Character class.


    • darshanakhiani says:

      Hmm I think I used a different WordPress acct before. I’m on vacation right so trying to do it from iPhone. My name on the blog post comments might be just Darshana.


  17. Thanks to all for another fantastic nerdy summer school! No, I cannot claim perfect attendance because one day I was tardy and didn’t comment, but I was actually there. 🙂 Loved all of it!


  18. tanjabauerle says:

    Perfect Attendance! Whoohoo! I did comment everyday and ready every post and loved it. There was such wonderfully helpful information, that I am eagerly awaiting next year’s summer school. Thank you. T


  19. Mary Worley says:

    Perfect attendance. Thank you for all of the advice and inspiration. I know I wrote more (and hopefully more efficiently) this past month than I would have without summer school.


  20. Lori Dubbin says:

    Perfect attendance. I’m 99% sure since the first day the time difference had me a little confused since I was away, but I definitely commented on each post in a timely fashion. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this very inspirational month together.


  21. megcason1 says:

    Perfect Attendance, pretty sure it was within 24 hours! I know that I left a comment on each post! Thank you so much for the invaluable tips!


  22. DebbieL says:

    Thank you!


  23. Beth Gallagher says:

    Perfect Attendance. I’m so grateful for Summer School! It’s kept me focused and inspired, and I so appreciate the hard work you guys have done for all of us students. THANK YOU!


  24. Stacey jacobs says:

    Perfect attendance and a heartfelt thank you for another fantastic summer session.
    …already looking forward to next year!


  25. Kathy Levy says:

    Thanks, Kidlit Summer School. This nerdy chick got a clutch of ideas she’s sitting on until they hatch. (And that is probably the nerdiest comment I ever wrote-see what you did to me?). Summer School was egg-ceptional! OK. I’ll stop.


  26. ManjuBeth says:

    I appreciate all the helpful posts and friendship over the past 4 weeks. Thanks, Kidlit Board!


  27. kathalsey says:

    *clapping loudly* and *standing ovation* for our administrators, bloggers and all cool chicks. Summer School was tops.


  28. judyrubin13 says:

    Here every day and loved every post. Thank you!


  29. Debra Daugherty says:

    Perfect Attendance. Thank you to all the Kidlit Summer School “teachers” who blogged each day, sharing their plot methods and knowledge. Thank you Kami, Leeza, Marci, Dawn, and Sudipta for sponsoring, moderating and keeping the class and chicks in line. Excellent job! I think everyone deserves an A.


  30. Jenny Powers says:

    Perfect attendance! With the amazing posts and incredible techniques, it was easy to get up and go to school each day. Thank you so much to the organizers and the teachers for putting so much time and effort into this. It has made a huge difference in my writing! I’m already looking forward to next year.


  31. writersideup says:

    I had semi-perfect attendance (I think), but definitely not within 24 hours of the posts, so I don’t qualify (which is fine!–I don’t care lol).

    Ladies, this has been absolutely amazing! Can’t thank you all enough for the priceless posts and all the fun 🙂 Though there were SO many great entries in the drawing contest, I actually have a favorite (very tough for me to boil that down!). I’ll be so curious to see how that turns out, for sure.

    Kidlit Summer School RULES!!!!!!!!!! 😀 oxox


  32. Maria Marshall says:

    Perfect Attendance – (pretty sure) like Sharon, the time difference made things interesting. Definitely read, participated, and thoroughly loved summer school! Gold stars, apples, and applause for the school board – Kami, Leeza, Marci, Dawn, and Sudipta – and all the amazing teachers. So sad to see it end!


  33. carolofparis says:

    “Perfect Attendance” This was the best thing I did all summer! Thank you so much. i really learned a lot and am going to use the teaching posts for a long time. I can’t begin to thank you enough. Carol Zink


  34. I forgot to thank Leeza, Marci, Dawn for the work you do with Kidlit Summer School. So, thanks!


  35. Sue Frye says:

    Perfect Attendance (pretty sure), I tried to catch every post. The posts were all wonderful and filled with tons of great information for new and experienced writers. Thanks for the generosity and sharing of all the excellent posters!


  36. ritaborg says:

    Thank you so much! Learn alot thanks for the drawing comp too First time I entered an illustration contest.


  37. bevbaird says:

    Not perfect attendance as I was away a week, but I have caught up with my reading. Another amazing Kidlit Summer. So many amazing posts, new books and authors to read, so much to review and learn from. Thank you all!


  38. mona861 says:

    Sincere thanks to all of you for the most amazing summer school.


  39. Laurie Young says:

    Perfect Attendance. And thank you to Sudipta and Kami, Colleen and Dawn, Rebecca and all the organizers, and all the incredibly generous authors who shared their secrets and advice. This has been amazing! I am so sad it’s over, but every post and exercise sheet has been an invaluable resource for my writing, and will be referred to often. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!


  40. Laura Rackham says:

    Perfect attendance. I miss you guys already! Thanks for a first rate experience.


  41. Joanne Sher says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Kami and Sudipta and the gang! I missed perfect attendance by ONE DAY, but I read and devoured every single post (and will be reviewing them again and again, I am sure). What a FABULOUS learning experience for me – and the rest of us. Thanks so very, VERY much for all you do! Looking forward to the webinars yet to come 🙂


  42. Thank you all so much for the tremendous effort you all put into making this a spectacular KL-Summer School session! Learned so much, gained new insights and truly enjoyed the comaraderie!


  43. Perfect Attendance-Thank you Kami, Sudipta, Dawn, and all the guest bloggers for this amazing summer event of learning and community. I’m going to miss the daily blogs, but I look forward to the upcoming webinars. You rocked the writing community with great advice and tips!


  44. Perfect attendance, given all the trouble I had posting due to computer(?) glitches. I made every attempt and was as perfect as I could get given I was unable to post at the time I first read the post a few times, ended up thinking I had solved the problem hours later, and then had it crop again several times! Arrrgh! I certainly *read* all the posts when they were first put up, and tried to post at that time. This was a whirlwind of fantastic info! can’t think you all enough! [Ironically here I am sitting waiting on THIS final post to load… it’s been over ten minutes now…]


  45. Juliana Lee says:

    I actually went back to the original post for this summer, but I want to thank you again for organizing Kid Lit Summer School. It’s so much fun and of course I’ve learned more than I can retain in one sitting. I’ll be revisiting these sessions all year long. THANK YOU!


  46. Perfect Attendance…but this tardy chick who came in a few days late but got caught up quickly. 😀 I learned so much from all the great PEEP-le here. It’s the most EGG-cellent Summer School ever! Completing it has been a FEATHER in my cap. From HENce forth, I shall be the wiser because of having participated.

    Wow…I think I’m punned out here… Thank you!


  47. I did read, participate and comment on all of the fantastic, informative blog posts. Sincere gratitude to Kami, Sudipta and the Kidlit Summer School Board of Education. I am thankful for new knowledge.

    Nerdy Chicks Rock!
    ~Suzy Leopold


  48. I know I probably missed commenting in a timely manner on a couple of posts…but the true prize was being part of this incredible #kidlitsummerschool.. I haven’t downloaded all of the worksheets – but I will. More importantly, I’ve already begun using some of the tips, tricks, and techniques the talented guest bloggers shared..
    Thank you so much, Kami, Sudipta, and the entire school staff. I’m sending you all a virtual tray of cookies – just like I used to bring to my kids’ teachers at the end of every school year. 😉


  49. Pretty sure I had perfect attendance. Thanks to all who made this possible!


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